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    Feature request - Fade between Kasa scenes - Staff please read

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    I am a heavy user of the Kasa app and controlling my lights via IFTTT+Google Home, so far I have 8 LB100s and 4 LB130s, considering getting more to replace my conventional bulbs, but there's one, and only one, feature that has me wanting to switch over to z-wave or zigbee based lighting solutions, and that is fading between scenes.

    Allow me to explain.

    I sit down to watch a movie. I ask my Google Home turn on the home theater. Thanks to IFTTT, she does so, turning on the projector, receiver, subwoofer, etc, then sets all the inputs to their correct thing, and then SUDDENLY, flips all the lights to their designated "movie mode" scene designated in the Kasa app.

    Movie is over, so I ask the Google Home to turn off the home theater. Again, whole process in reverse, turning all AV equipment off, and SUDDENLY flipping all lights to their appropriate brightness levels, blinding everyone.

    I walk over to the bathroom in the middle of the night, activating the motion detector, turning on the scene to turn on the bathroom lights, bam, blinding light

    I wake up with my alarm, alarm turns on the scene for the bedroom in the morning, bam, blinding light.

    You get the idea.

    If I turn on/off whole rooms of lights or one light at a time, they fade on or fade off (a little too quickly IMO but they do fade), however, when I activate a scene, it activates suddenly, without grace or care, just bam I'm there. I would really like it if the lights could fade slowly between scenes.

    Is this something that can be done? Who do I need to contact to get a change like this? Competing products have this feature, fading between programmed scenes, some even have a feature where you can fade between designated colors in a loop. IMO these bulbs are priced as premium products so they should have premium features like this.

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    TP-LINK has one device which supports dimmer function.
    Perhaps you may have a look.

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    This is a great idea. I would like to take it a bit farther and say that what the software needs is a way to control light patterns in a way that they change relatively quickly and for a length of time that can be set. Such an interface would support the idea of the OP, but would also support things like the following:
    - Blending from one color to another over a set amount of time
    - Random color blends for an indefinite amount of time
    - Programmable color patterns cycling over an indefinite amount of time
    - Programmable color pattern changing over a set amount of time

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    As I go through the blog I was more aware of the pressing issue that you have been facing. Ití true that none of the model offered by TP-Link seems to add the fading between scenes option. It will be a really unconformable to have a sudden change in light intensity. 5mile resort

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