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    HS100 switching itself on

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    Hi Is there any way at all to see recent activity of a device? I'm convinced one of our HS100s at a second home we're currently away from is switching itself on even though there is no scheduke set and no third party integrations other than Alexa.Thanks.Ian

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    Haven't noticed there is a way to check that info.
    Are you sure there is no other person who can control it to turn it on?

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    Hi Kevin

    I think we've found the problem and it's probably a user issue rather than the HS100 - with a little hindrance from Alexa!

    The second house has a name - 'Fernbank' - the HS100 in the bedroom is simply called 'Fernbank bedroom' - so 'Alexa switch on Fernbank bedroom' switches it on etc.

    At our other house, where we are now, the light in the bedroom is called 'Ikea lamp' - haven't got round to renaming it to something more meaningful. Tonight Mrs up_north said "What's the name of our bedroom light - I keep forgetting". I told her - "Ikea lamp". To which she replied "Oh yes - I keep calling it 'bedroom' and although Alexa responds with 'OK', it doesn't come on".

    So I've worked out that because she is saying the word 'bedroom' and Alexa only sees one other device with 'bedroom' anywhere in the name - even though it's actually got the word 'Fernbank' in front of 'bedroom', it is assuming it's THAT device we want to control! I suppose it's reasonably logical but even so - worth bearing in mind.



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