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    Unhappy Please help, I cannot get my TL-WR841N V9 working!

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    Hi everybody,

    I recently bought a TL-WR841N Ver 9 because I own a MacBook Air which doesn't have an Ethernet plugin. I already followed all the instructions, I connected the ethernet cable from the WAN port on the router to my wall and connected the power adapter. The wifi light keeps blinking such as the internet one. The thing is, I cannot one the web-based management page. I've done everything: I reseted the rout, the laptop, I ensured its set to "obtain an IP address automatically" and I still cannot open the web page. Question 1: it´s okay if there's no ethernet from my MacBook to the router, right? Because that's the reason I bought it on the first place, it is not possible to connect an ethernet cable to my laptop. Question 2: why are those two lights blinking? Does that mean it isn't working? Question 3: Am I supposed to "try" to connect to the wifi before trying to get to the page? Because I don´t even know the network´s name.
    Please help me, I cannot open the web-based management page and I don't have the possibility of running the CD either. Thank you very much in advance.
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    If you have done the settings,it will auto connect to the Internet.
    What's the firmware version of the router?
    If it's not the latest one,you should upgrade it first.


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