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    HS105 Smart Plug Mini not working with Google Assistant

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    I have two TP-Link Hs105 Smart Plug Mini devices that I use to control two floor lamps through two separate Google Home Mini devices. They worked perfectly for months until recently. Beginning in late-March/early-April, they stopped responding to voice commands. Google Assistant either says “I can’t help with that right now” or “ Encountered an unknown error.” I saw a Reddit post that suggested the problem may be the Kasa API. I am able to control the lights via the Kasa app, but I need them to be voice controlled. When will this issue be fixed?

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    Have you tried changing another voice command?
    Try to remove the account and readd it.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've tried factory resetting the smart plugs and re-linking them. Each will work when I say "turn on bedroom light" (for example), but not when I say "turn off bedroom light." However, they will both turn off if I give the general voice command "turn off the lights." Before resetting, they wouldn't respond to anything commands.


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