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    LB230 safe operating temperatures?

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    I recently purchased eight LB230 bulbs for my recessed lights in my living room.

    According to the product data sheet the operating temperature for the bulbs is -15 degrees C to +40 degrees C (5 Degrees F to 104 Degrees F). When I measure the temperature of my bulbs with an infrared temperature gun (after about hour of use) I am seeing temperatures of 150 degrees F. Do I have eight defective bulbs?? The only thing I can say that is a bit off is there is a huge difference in the temperature depending on where you do the reading. If you take the temperature from the front of the bulb it MIGHT be in that 104 range. The rear of the bulb however is around 150 degrees.

    My questions are:
    1. What is the maximum safe temperature for a recessed light?
    2. What part of the bulb does TP-Link use to determine the operating temperature (front or back)? Shouldn't the hottest part of the bulb be what is used, I.E. the back of the bulb?
    3. If the rear is what is used, did I win the ultimate defective bulb lottery and get eight bad bulbs...?


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    80∑90 degrees is the maximum safe temperature.
    The middle white part should be the hotest part of the bulb.
    Your current 150 degrees F is also in the range of safe temperature.

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    The temperature range may lightly overshoot and the given range seems to be not to alarming since the product has been turned on for some time. If you encounter an increase in operating temperature beyond the current value. I think you should contact the company. gokarna beach resorts

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    If their external temperatures go beyond 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius), a fire can result. This is often due to bad wiring or the fixtures being in contact with combustible materials or insulation. Proper installation of recessed lighting is vital for avoiding fire hazards.
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    The operating temperature is the range of ambient temperature within which a power supply, or any other electrical equipment, operate in.


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