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    TP Link Smart plugs HS 105 dropping connection continued ...

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    I have four TP Link 105 smart plugs and they randomly drop connection to the WiFi network. I have read lots on the Internet about this ongoing problem, but have yet to see a "real fix". I have tried all the suggestions I have read, including updating firmware and my next step is to assign each its own MAC address, but I'm not if even that will work.

    The puzzling thing is that is seems to be at random. I have two in my living room on middle floor, that drop the most frequently. The router is in the basement directly underneath them. I have two in my study, in which the router is located. Even the ones in the study drop now and then (five feet from router). The signal strength is all okay at all units.

    When they go offline, the solid orange light comes on and I can reconnect them, no problem, but it's kinda silly to have to do that manually each time - not to mention frustrating when you tell Google Home to switch on the living room lights and she tells you that those lights are not available! So, then I have to go over there and reset them and reconnect to KASA app.

    Has anybody found a real solution?


    PS. My TP Link smart light switches work like a charm,

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    Make sure the firmware is the latest one.
    If you just restart the plugs, do they work again?
    Can you still control them locally through kasa app when they drop?
    Make sure the signal strength is between -40~-70dBm. If it's not, it's better change the place to make them get better signal.

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    Hi, Thanks for the help.

    1. Firmware: Both are 1.5.1 (Hardware version 1.0)
    2. Yes, if I manually unplug them and wait a bit ad then plug them in again, they both work and KASA picks them up, and so does Google Home
    3. No, I can't do anything when they drop - KASA won;t let me switch them on manually from my iPhone.
    4. Signal strength of #1 is -57dBm and #2 is


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