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    Question How to Disable Beamforming on Deco M5

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    I've had troubles where my Nest Cam Outdoor disconnects for 10-15min, at least 2-3 times a day. Then re-connects without any trouble. There's been no Internet outage. I read on the Netgear forums that disabling implict beamforming on their mesh wifi seems to solve the issue.

    Does anyone know how to do this on the Deco M5?

    Try this to see if it stops your intermittent disconnects: In Advanced / Advanced Setup / Wireless Settings / Uncheck "Enable Implicit BEAMFORMING"

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    except this Cam, do other devices have the same issue?
    you can try to restart Deco units to make sure the connection is good.
    Don't think Deco support beamforming.

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    The Deco M5

    The Deco M5 is plagued with issues. In particular the android application will not indicate an active online status for node, and neither will the "blue/green light" on top. If a signal node is rebooted the rest of your MESH network may remain off line, until you take drastic action like re-provisioning nodes. There seems to be no good way of knowing if you selected a good place for your node. There appears to be little, or ineffectiving steer of devices to the correct bands. So you iphone might be sitting on a very slow 2.4 GHz connection when it is in range for a much faster 5.0 GHz connection. Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
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