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    Time can't be set in RE350

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    The system time shown in the range extender RE350 doesn't cope with daylight saving time. It stays on wintertime. You can't manually change the time. You can only change the timezone, but nothing else.
    Looking at https://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-1415.html :
    To set up Daylight Saving Time:
    1. Select Enable Daylight Saving Time.
    But you can't choose Enable Daylight Saving Time because there isn't such an item

    I have put on another time zone, but it is very strange....

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    just have a look on tplink official website and it seems there are several option we can choose.
    this is not very convenient~

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    website tp link doesn't give the answer

    The website of tp link gives several options, but they are all not available for changing. The daylight saving isn't there and setting the time manually isn't also available.
    The only thing that works is setting it to a different time zone.

    You can not change this setting.
    Tip for the next firmware????


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