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    AP200 AC750 DHCP scope and other Questions

    Model : AC750

    Hardware Version :AP200V1

    Firmware Version : 1.0.0 Build 201611110 release 53228

    ISP : Gigaclear Fibre to the Premises

    I have an AC750 (AP200) working as a Multi SSD access point. However I have a few questions that I cannot find the answers to:-

    1) When using the DHCP function within the device does the DHCP scope have to be the same as the Lan subnet it is connected to ie if the LAN is 10.0.0.x does the scope of the DHCP server have to be to Or can I use to If so what do I put as the internet gateway? RESOLVED

    2) I cannot seem to use the device with a fixed IP address. If I enable the option to obtain an IP address automatically the status shows as connected to the internet. If I change to a static IP and enter the subnet mask and gateway IP it doesn't connect to the internet.

    3) Finally is there a way of hiding the Host Name? It shows up on the wireless network as a media streaming device/media server (AP200) when trying to connect things such as Photo Frames which is really annoying. I cannot find a setting to disable this.
    Many thanks

    OK so I have answered Q1 myself by lots of trial and error and it wont allow another Subnet IP range even though its a VPN. I am still looking for answers to Questions 2 and 3 though please.
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    if we want to set a static IP for AP200, we have to make sure it's in the same LAN as your main router.
    Do you mean you want to hide the device name under access control? it seems there is no way to hide it.

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    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for replying. I have set a static IP on the same subnet range as the router and I can access the AP200 web interface via the IP address. However it will not connect to the internet with a static IP nor will any clients connected to it via wireless.


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