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    AC2800 dropping connection consistently

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    Hello, I am having an issue with my router, it appears to drop 4-5 times a day and is a nuisance to get back up and running but a reboot usually fixes it for a bit and will drop the internet connection eventually.

    I have read through multiple posts with similar issues and tried some of the suggested fixes, ranging from SRA, bitswap, QoS adjustments and still seeing the issue.

    I have grabbed logs from recent drops and will attach accordingly.

    My connection is via Mate fttn 100/40 plan.

    I am using the updated firmware as far as I can tell.

    Latest log where I managed 2-3 disconnections close together - http://txt.do/dukgy

    All help would be hugely appreciated.Name:  AC2800-001.png
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    It never hurts to reset the router to factory and set it up again in case a firmware update upset something. Of course it could also be an issue with your line or ISP.

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    A quick look at your errors up/down suggests you have a dodgy line , just had a quick look at your logs and your link speed to exchange is all over the place , your SNR and Attenuation values are within range for a good line , how quickly are those errors racking up ( do a off/on on router to reset to 0 errors ) because if you are getting that many in a few days its suggesting a faulty line / interference on line , are you connecting into the rear of master plug in house and disconnecting ALL other phones for a test ?

    Is your drop line to house damaged ? maybe just a corroded connection on one end or interference from something in house , turn off everything in house , especially wall warts and LED lights for the test .

    Have you tried a line noise test ( quiet line test - Google it ) , if you have noise it will be easy to get your ISP or BT line engineer out to fix .

    If doing above doesn't give any results you need to shout at your ISP ( Nicely ) and see if they will action BT ( or whatever Company owns your phone line ) to come have a look , try and be there for the visit and explain to engineer the problems and so he can get into your house/flat and test from your phone line box indoors ( Choccy biscuits and Tea / Coffee at the ready for when engineer visits ) with that amount of errors even a blind man with a line test box should be able to narrow down your fault .
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    In case that can help anyone, here what happened to me regarding constant VR2800 connection drop.

    Short story, by steps:
    I was first connecting to Internet using my ISP modem: a Technicolor TG788VN-2. Connection was OK, but was showing about 2500 CRC errors/day. ( Connecting speed about 950up/16500down, G-INP VDSL 8b profile on DSLAM)
    Second, I did replace my ISP modem with a VR2800 : Connection was OK, but was showing about 2500 CRC errors/day. ( Connecting speed about 1050up/18500down, G-INP VDSL 8b profile on DSLAM)

    Then last two weeks a problem appeared: my VR2800 was constantly droping connection, and depending of the day, VR2800 was reporting between 20k to 100k CRC errors/day
    I did first verify everything without being able to find any issues.
    I did replace my VR2800 modem by my ISP one to verify if the problem was on VR2800 : issue was still there.
    I did replace again my ISP modem with my VR2800 : issue was still there.
    Then two days later my desktop PC which is plugged to my VR2800 using a 15 meters Ethernet cable was refusing to aquire an IP from my VR2800 : after testing it was because my Ethernet PC card was KO! :-(
    So I did choose to remove the long ethernet cable, and to replace my ethernet card with a Wifi 5Ghz AC one.

    As soon I did that last step all my disconnections drops stops, I am now perfectly connected at 1050down/20450up with absolutely no CRC errors in the last 20hours.

    So could you please just verify if removing all ethernet cable at the back of your modem does help?

    I don't know if it will help, but at least we know that a modem can be really disturbed and constently drop connection if anything bad is happening on any ethernet port.


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