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    TL-WPA7510 KIT -- Update Failed

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    I am trying to update my UK version of TL-WPA7510 KIT using the tp-link utility and firmware: 7010US1.0_3_2_4b_13972_BCM960350_tpver_701001_1706 27_902.ggl (TL-WPA7510(UK)_V1_171012)

    I am all the time getting and "Update Failed" and I cannot see how I can get the update done.

    I have tried using a Mac box through WIFI, but not luck reaching this far, so I wonder how is possible to run the firwmare upgrades?
    I have followed the instructions and I can see the devices in the Application.
    Anything am I missing out of the whole process?

    Many thanks

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    you may go to tplink official website to refer to their update guide.
    Generally speaking, there is such a kind of FAQ.


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