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    Question Powerline adapters compatibility

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    Hi have three TL-PA4010P (https://www.tp-link.com/it/products/...010P-TKIT.html) working fine since like 3 years. I bought a new AV500 set (TL-PA4010 + TL-WPA4220 - https://www.tp-link.com/it/products/...PA4220KIT.html). Actually I just need the WPA4220 in order to extend my network in a wireless fashion, but...i got this.
    All the products supports the homeplug standard.

    When i press pair on the existing PA4010 and then press pair on the WPA4220, nothing happens and the led on the WPA4220 remains unpaired.

    Is there something wrong? Did i misunderstand something?



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    you may refer to that link on tplink official website.
    or you can also add it through utility.

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    You need to press that Pair button for pretty exactly one second. If successful, the "powerline" LED on the adapter should start blinking.

    Alternatively, you can pair the new one into the existing network through the PLC utility software, by entering its hardware ID code.


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