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    TP-Link WN823N Cannot connect to any other network

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    Greetings, i have serious problem with my wifi adapter, because i cant connect to any other desired wireless networks. I can only connect to one network, which personally soon will be unavaliable... I have the newest drivers, the network i want to connect is basically my android hotspot phone, but it doesnt matter, signal is excelent... Im working on Windows 7 OS. I tried also to reinstall drivers for adapter which doesnt help at all.

    If anyone has encountered this problem, please give me some solutions and tips how to deal with that. Thanks

    Drivers version: 1030.2.731.2015

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    Do you mean you even can't detect that wifi or can detect but can't connect to it successfully?
    except hotspot, it also can't detect any other wifi signals?
    how about unplug and replug the adapter.


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