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    Unhappy Airprint printer not detected

    Model : TL-WA901ND

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Good day
    I am having a problem with the access point TL-WA701 which is operated as client (network card) connecting an HP 1536 network printer to my WIFI
    This printer used to work with my iphone flawlessly when the printer was directly connected to the main router
    As I moved the router to a new place and connecting the printer as a client to the access point the printer is now not discovered by the iphone giving an error

    Do I have to enable or disable or enable something to make it detected and work ?

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    connect a computer to TL-WA701ND, is internet working on it? if no, you need to reconfigure the Client settings on the unit. it is not connected to your Wi-Fi.
    if yes, check the ip settings on your printer. make sure it is DHCP/dynamic ip.

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    I have restarted my ads router , put off the repeater and I was able to detect the printer so l reconfigure the repeater and it worksThanks for answering


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