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    WiFi printing from Android smartphone to HP printer connected via TL-PS110U print server

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    I ordered the TL-PS110U print server a fortnight ago and have configured my HP 5550 printer and Windows 10 desktop PC to talk to one another via ethernet cables to my WiFi router and this works fine.

    The only other devices I have are two Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android and I would like to be able to print wirelessly from those.

    I have tried with my Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Oreo. If I go to 'Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings > Printing', I see a list of 'Print Services;,, these being 'Defaunt Print Service' which came with the phone and 'HP Print Service' which I installed myself (as my printer is an HP). When I click on either of these, I get a message 'Searching for printers', a search which never finishes as, presumably, it can't find any.

    I get a similar result on the other phone (Samsung Galaxy Core Prime running Android Lollipop) with the Samsung Print Service Plug-in.

    I expected the devices would have no difficulty picking up on my HP printer as they are wirelessly connected to the same WiFi router used for the internet connection.

    Can this be done and how? Is the TL-PS110U not supposed to provide WiFi printing to devices other than Windows ones? I need to know as soon as possible in order to determine whether to return it.

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    I don't think it will work, because the printer server is only to share the printing to multiple devices, but those device must have the printer driver installed and they must be able to print when connected directly to the printer. However, we cannot connect a smart phone to the printer directly to have a test, the printer driver would be a problem as well

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    I have tried connecting the mobile phone to the printer using a USB cable: it does print but not correctly. When I printed a page of text, I got a page of black ink!

    I had thought that the printer server connected between a printer and a WiFi router would make the printer appear to the phone as though it were a WiFi printer directly connected to the WiFi router but the technology I need has (once again, sigh!) not been invented.

    If you are right, it looks as though I will have to buy a WiFi printer to replace my existing printer. My only reason for wanting to keep the old printer was because I have a stock of consumables I do not want to waste, the value of which exceed the cost of the printer itself.

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    this print server is using protocol LPR which smart phones don't support.
    but some companies work out a app to support it, like ePrint or PrintHand. they are charged app not free. i am not quite sure if they can work or not.
    if you don't want to buy a Wi-Fi printer, you can try that app.

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    Hope the people who are going through the blog will get some information about how to do wifi printing from Android smartphone to hp printer. I have gone through it and get some idea. Thanks for the share. network printer troubleshooting

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    WiFi printing from Android smartphone to HP printer connected via TL PS110U print server

    When I connect to the server using the windows remote desktop it doesnt show the client printers and the print2DRP application says that is no client connected, the log files only shows the following error: 03/19/14 11:56:49: EPALogin 4: Error: The client name is empty.

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    I'm currently having difficulty with this on my smartphone. But, once solved I'd share my experience here

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    Im new here

    There are many ways to go about this. Many many wrong ways. Hahaha


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