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    How to disable the DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610

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    Hi, The DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610 interferes with my main router's DHCP server. How do I disable the DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610? I expect it to simply pass through DHCP requests to my main router. --joe

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    Members Ada is on a distinguished road
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    there is no DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610.
    you just need to pair it with another plug.

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    I believe there is a DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610: in the log, I've seen the message, "DHCP Server disabled."

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    I agree with Ada, the TL-WPA9610 has no DHCP server at all, you don't need to worry about it, the DHCP server is only enabled on your router

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    Junior Member markvs is on a distinguished road
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    Well. It seems there is. The logging explicitly states:

    16 days 23:52:07	  DHCPS      INFO    DHCP server started
    Also, the wpa9610 ( directly responds to my DHCP requests, before my routers ( Since I'm passing options based on the mac address, some things break in my network.

    20:55:47.062478 IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request from xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, length 30020:55:47.064843 IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Reply, length 250
    So, I'm find with the WPA9610 responding on it's own wifi network, but now it leaks DHCP request back to my powerline network. How can I avoid that?

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    Thanks for confirming. There is indeed a DHCP server--after all, it's just a unix/linux plug--and it'll cause issues with your router if it's enabled. The best I could figure out so far, empirically, is there's a race condition between your router and the wpa9610 if they're both rebooting at the same time (of it your router is down and the wpa9610 reboots). There may be a way on the router to tell if, "if there are two DHCP servers on the local net, tell the other one to go away."

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    I wonder if you have any luck with this, having problem with this myself on TL-WPA8630P...

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    Junior Member BHeather is on a distinguished road
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    Also happening on TL-WPA4220 Firmware 4.0.2 Build 20180308 Rel.37064 Harware Version TL-WPA4220 v4.0


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