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    Angry Parental Controls Tab Not Working - Archer CR700 V1.1

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    Device Information
    - Tp-Link Archer CR700
    - Hardware Version V1.1
    - Software Version v1.0.6 Build 20160203 Rel615753

    Why doesn't the parental control tab work? Nothing happens when turning it on. I cannot add the MAC address's that I am trying to control. The Add Delete link does nothing when hovering over so you cannot make any changes. I've power cycled the modem, reset back to defaults, rebooted and still nothing. I've read that the new firmware caused this issue, so where can I find a previous firmware version to revert to a functioning GUI or are you guys know of or making a fix for this? Any help will do.

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    have you tried another web browser? maybe you can contact tp-link support to ask them if they have a soluction.


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