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Thread: TL-PS110U Spool

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    TL-PS110U Spool

    Model : TL-PS110U

    Hardware Version : 3

    Firmware Version : 9.09.56T

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi everyone

    I've installed a TL-PS110U v3 to a client. They print invoices and similar docs on an old Epson DFX-9000 (dot-Matrix). It works well but there is a problem: if they launch many print jobs (and they often have to), the print server cannot manage the entire print queue and sometimes it stops responding for a while. The problem is that the jobs in the queue get lost and needs to be unblocked and re-launched.
    How can I resolve?

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    enable LPR-bit counting and disable bi-direction support under printers--printer properties--ports&configure port.

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    Unfortunately the queue isn't a Windows queue. It's a LAN queue generated by an AS/400 (and I've no control of it)

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    What do you mean?

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    No other ideas now. You may need to contact tp-link support directly via their support email


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