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    M7350 v4 GSM only connection when roaming in USA

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    My M7350 v4 with the latest f/w on will only connect to the t-mobile network at 2G/GSM speeds. It has a SIM from Three in the UK installed with roaming enabled on the M7350 and enabled by Three.

    When I first arrived in the US it showed t-mobile as the carrier and 4G as the signal but always showed "connecting" in the app. Checking the support site I could see this was an issue fixed by a f/w update and so updated the unit. Now it connects and shows "Three" as the carrier but will only connect at 2G/GSM speeds. I've spoken with Three support who cannot see any configuration issues with the SIM . There is no restriction on their end and they have records of it connecting at 2G speeds. They say there is no restriction on their agreement with t-mobile as the roaming carrier.

    The t-mobile 4G and 3G radio bands are compatible with the M7350. If I force it to use 3G only or 4G only it will not connect at all.

    I've tried downgrading the f/w back to the past two versions and both have the same issue (although v171110 show t-mobile as the carrier, not Three) I've restored it back to v180119 for now.

    APN settings are correct according to Three (and i've tried both "three.co.uk" and "3internet" as APN names as well as fast.t-mobile.com. All of them will only connect at 2G.

    A factory reset has not fixed it either.

    Anybody else seen this and maybe got a fix?


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    MiFi product like M7350 has their supported 3G/4G network type which is listed on the website. You may find, or your ISP tell you that it's compatible. But the thing is when you use it in the USA, it's a different case. MiFi product doesn't support USA network. It doesn't have any workable 3G/4G network type in the USA. So you cannot use 3G/4G.
    That seems to be the case.

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    Hi Folks!

    I also have the same 'problem' with my M7350 MiFi as I brought it over from the UK as we went on vacation in the USA only to find that the 3 SIM showed 'T-Mobile' as the carrier and when I connected to my Mobile as the MiFi showed a full signal I was BLOCKED from using the Internet!

    I am not sure what version of Software is installed in the MiFi but I really don't want to start playing around with it as we are only here for 10 days before we head off to Brazil where I have a sneeking suspicion that I am going to have the same issue!

    So sadly having sent an email to TPLINK Support before I found this thread I think their reply will be a 'NO it doesn't work in the USA'


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