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    I cant connect My tp link mr3020 to my samsung smart tv

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    I cant connect My tp link mr3020 to my samsung smart tv I just bought a smart tv samsung 2017 wifi integret, but it dosent connect whith my tp link...mode repeater...when i use my tp link mr3020 whith an 4g usb dougler it work whith the tv..but when i put it mode repeater wisp my tv see it but cant be connect whith it..and it work with my computer and phone very well
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    When it's working as repeater, can your computer, cell phone or other device connect to the wireless network?

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    Yes my tp link is working as a repeater whith the computer and the fone whith out a probleme...

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    Maybe reboot your tv, try again. Check IP address, default gateway and DNS. If no valid IP address, manually type it in

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    I already did all of that .. and its not connecting whith the Télévision

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    Your last image shows that your IP address and default gateway are the same. (They shouldn't be)

    Change the TV IP address to or
    Let the default gateway remain as

    If that didn't work out, it may be because the default gateway is wrong. tplink mifi default gateways are usually (note the zero there)

    So try:
    default gateway:
    TV IP: or
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