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    M7650 without battery

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    I'm interested in buying M7650. Most of the time I'm home and I want to have the modem to be plugged in all the time. I don't want the battery to remain in device. I wanted to see if I can just remove the battery. Would M7650 still work?

    Thanks for your time
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    It works without the battery. But I think it's better to keep the battery in the device.

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    I own an M7350 and I kept the battery in the device while it was plugged in all the time. The battery got swollen up to the point that it cracked the back lid.

    Why do you recommend keeping the battery? It may damage the device?
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    Yes, but it seems the battery is not good...under this condition, you can remove the battery

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    In my opinion please remove battery.That will be better.Thank you

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    You can remove the M7650 battery if you don't like it when it can get power supply from the adapter.
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