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    MiFi model 7310 together with VPN?

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    I currently have a problem with my 7310. I am in Sudan, using a sudanese sim card.

    And I have just recently started using VPN to access internet. And right now, I discovered that MiFi together with VPM does not work at all on my computer, while on my smart phone, it works fine.

    Are there any settings I have to use to get it to work with VPN on both gadgets?

    Anne A
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    If your phone works, the settings should be fine. Does your computer work if you connect it to the tplink network from M7310? If only VPN connection failed on the computer, check settings on your computer and on the VPN server side.

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    Hmm.. after trying 4-5 times, I finally managed to connect to the VPN..

    I guess it was just an extremely slow network that was the problem.

    Thanks anyway!



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