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    Help with a set of HS210's and HS200's

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    So I think I may have screwed myself. I just ran wiring in a new building (detached garage). I purchased (3) HS200's and (1) HS210 Kit. When I ran the wiring I did not have the kits in hand nor did I research them. I just assumed they would work.

    I have a 4 gang switch box which controls different lights. 3 switches are regular while a 4th switch is a 3-way to a switch on other end of building.

    I ran a dedicated 12-2 (Green/Ground, White/Neutral, Black/Hot) into the 4-gang box. This dedicated run was used for powering 6 outdoor led lights (one regular switch) as well as overhead lights inside garage (second switch). These are straightforward as they have the 4 wires required (two blacks - line/load, white neutral and a ground).

    The problem I have is the last regular switch is wired power from fixture (power to lights then switch). So I only have my (ground, white, black) with white and black tied down to the switch.

    Am I able to throw the neutral wire from the HS200 into the bundle of neutrals off the 'dedicated' 12-2 from a different breaker? I hope that makes sense. What issues would I have in doing this. As long as I know which is my true 'hot/line' and which wire is shooting voltage back up to the light (load) am I ok to do so>

    Then for my 3-way switch it is fed in a similar way. I ran 12-2 up to my lights then 12-2 down to the switch and then ran a 12-3 (ground, neutral, hot, traveler) from switch to switch. Is there a way to make this setup work with the HS210 kit?

    Did I screw myself by not running power to the switch for these other runs? If so who wants to buy some HS200's and HS210 kit......

    Thanks for any help

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    If you've wired to code, you should be ok with the HS200's and the power through fixture. Hot will be white, load will be black, and you can use the neutral already available as long as neither breaker is GFICs.

    Not sure about the HS210, I haven't installed one yet.

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    Here Is a picture for reference as to how the 3 way switch is wired if this helps.
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    Here is a picture for reference on how the 3-way switches are wired.
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    That's a common 3-way installation, I have to think the HS210 will work there or they've really missed the mark... Though the instructions in kasa (apart from being annoying, why no online version?) seem to suggest you need neutral as well as common and 2 travelers in both boxes which will be a problem here (and with most 3-way switches including mine!).

    For mine I've switched the wiring a bit so that in both boxes black is line in, white is neutral (tied together for line and load), and red is for the load power in - conventional but different than 3-way wiring.

    When there's one switch I don't use often I leave a conventional 2-way switch there to connect black to red - if it's on, the light is on. Then I use one smart switch in the other between black and red (and of course neutral). If the conventional switch is off the smart switch controls the light.

    When both switches are used often I use two smart switches wired as normal between black and red, and both using the white neutral. Either is on for the light on, both must be off for the light to be off. But I then use my app "AutomationManager" to sync the switches so turning either on or off causes the other to follow.

    More info here: https://sites.google.com/site/mppsui...ofaq/wemo3ways, you can use the contact button to email me directly.

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    Thank you for the detailed reply. Yeah I wish they had more of an offering than the pictures in the kasa app. I have an electrician friend who I consulted throughout my wiring process available (yet he is not technical whatsoever). I may have him come look at it. I am disappointed that I had the ability to wire it differently if needed yet failed to realize that wiring it the way I did the picture above could result in it not working....Neil

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    Is there a printable wiring guide for the HS210 Kit? I am having trouble. Though have WiFi connected & working. Switch clicks but but lights do not turn on. HS200 switch face does not light up. How to pair switches?


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