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Thread: Tl-pa9020p

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    Good afternoon,

    My question is about the PLC to extend the network through the electrical network.

    I installed the kit AV2000 2-port Gigabit model TL-PA9020P KIT (EU) See: 2., Following the installation instructions and I get to have network in both terminals without problems, but at the time I connect, lose or weaken the Wi-Fi signal from the router, so the connected devices in Wi-Fi (mobile, tablet, etc.), are left without connection.

    How can I solve that?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I cannot see how this happen. One 9020 connects to your router via Ethernet, other 9020 connects to your computer, you can access internet on the computer, but other wireless devices lose internet from the router? Aside the 9020, do you have other devices connected to the router via Ethernet cable as well? You may change cable and LAN port to connect 9020 with router

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    Thanks, I have already solved it. The problem was that it connected the power of the router to the same terminal 9020. Thanks for the help


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