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    DECO M5 units switching network gateway ip address

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    I have a FreeNAS file server installed in my home network.
    Apparently it monitors ip entry modification on the network, and I've noticed I frequently get the following lines in my log file:
    > arp: <ip of gateway> moved from <mac1> to <mac2> on igb0
    > arp: <mac2> attempts to modify permanent entry for <ip of gateway> on epair0b
    > arp: <ip of gateway> moved from <mac2> to <mac1> on igb0

    where <mac1> is the mac address of the primary deco m5 unit which acts as a gateway, and <mac2> is one of the other two, secondary, deco m5 units (this only happens with a specific secondary unit).

    when examining the deco status through thte app, all seems ok ("all Decos are online"; "Deco is working well" listed for all three decos; "Gateway" is listed only for the primary).

    Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on?

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    Hi Hanan,

    May I know how do you connect the three Decos? Do you connect two Decos to the same modem with wired connection? Or only one Deco is connected to the modem by cable, and other two Decos are connected to the main Deco wirelessly?

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    The connection is as follows

    Deco # 1 connected directly to the modem on one port and to a switch on the other port

    The switch is connected to several wired ports on the same floor and to two other switches on two other floors

    The other switches connect the wired ports on their floors and directly to a Deco (each on a different floor)

    In summary, Deco # 1 is the gateway and is connected directly to the modem and on its other port to the two other Decos which are located on different floors
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    I still see the problem
    I'm guessing it is happening also for other users who do not notice it as they are not looking at arp logs
    1. is there any explanation?
    2. is there any firmware update

    on a side note, has anyone been able to connect the deco-m5 to a vpn service (e.g pia, ipvanish,...)

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    According to the log, the Deco units compete to be AP when they are connected via wire.
    Sometimes, Deco 1 gets WAN IP, and sometimes Deco 2 gets WAN IP.
    I just met this same issue and consulted tp support.
    There will be a new release to fix one of them as the AP to avoid this issue.


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