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Thread: Windows 10

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    Windows 10

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    I have a couple of TL-PA4020P AV500 Adaptors..Can I get them to work with W10..I havent actually tried anything yet for fear of doing damage..Thank you for any help that you can provide for this un-smart 76 year old

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    yes, actually the TL-PA4020P is just like an ethernet cable, you may connect one of them to your router, the other one to the computer, as long as the two units are paired via pair button, internet will work on the computer

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    Thank you Anton LZ you are a star..That is very helpful

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    Windows 10 and TL-PA8010P

    I'm hoping I can get some help on this thread. I too have the latest Windows 10 running on my PC. At the PC site I have TL-PA8010P, AV1200, running with CAT.5E Ethernet cable. At my Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Router site I also have TL-PA8010P, AV1200, running with CAT. 6 Ethernet cable (I have this high speed cable, because I am also running other services into this one Router "Internet Access" Port). I have ensured that all my TP-Link devices are on the latest Firmware, according to the TP-Link website. My problem is that quite regularly my PC losses connection with the Internet, but at that time all three of my green LED lights are on (at both ends, PC and Router). Also, using the TP-Link Utility I can see that there is a continuous data throughput (450 Mbps) between those two TP-Link devices. I have had Virgin Media check and double check my Broadband connection, which they say is in very good shape !! I have set both devices for "Internet" use, so cannot think of anything else. My only recourse when this happens is to switch my PC into 802.11ac Wi-Fi mode, and then I immediately get my Internet connection back (which actually defeats the objective of having the TP-Link devices, and on Wi-Fi I am running much slower). Could anyone help me with this please ??


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