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    TL-WA855RE - MacBook

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    I have a problem with TL-WA855RE V2.0 to connect a MacBook Pro.
    The Wi-Fi is visible, but don't accept the Wi-Fi password.

    With Windows and Iphone is work.

    The Firmware is updated to latest version - TL-WA855RE(BR)_V2_171116

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    I am using a Macbook Pro 15" with the latest updates for macOS High Sierra. I am getting the same issue when trying to log into a brand new RE305. When connecting to the Extender, I am prompted with a request for password. The connection is attempted and fails, with an error of invalid password and prompts for it again. My Windows 10 laptop and my iPhone 6+ login fine.

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    Hi all,

    I upgraded the firmware to the latest version this morning and the problems seems to have been resolved. I will continue further testing and if not will update the thread.

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    Ok, the version is 171218?

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    I am having the same problem. How do I upgrade the firmware, can you help me

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    How do you upgrade

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    How do you upgraded?

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    I am having same issues with TL-WA855RE V2. Running latest firmware TL-WA855RE(UK)_V2_171218 Macbook Pro unable to connect. Says WPA2 password incorrect but works fine on iPad, windows laptops and android phones.
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    Fixed !

    I did some searching online and found this firmware

    This fixed it for me, my Macbook pro now connects.

    I wonder if a non-beta update will be released?

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    I can not unzip the archive. I did iy with the aplication Keka, but opens to another zi, and continues doing that. Any help please..

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    I have uploaded the unzipped file here

    hope that helps?



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