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    Wi-Fi gets disconnected when Setting up TL-WPS510U

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    Hi all,
    First time setting up the TL-WPS510U with an Epson TX110 printer and HP DV6-6c01ax Notebook.
    Whenever I try to set up the TL-WPS510U printer server using the HP Notebook the Wi-Fi connection between the Notebook and the router drops off and I cannot proceed with the setup.
    Any ideas ?
    Thank you.

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    OK, the same in here, upon trying to install the PS's with the small Resource CD, the Wi-Fi connection drops off and can't get the installation going on!

    So, I can't get my 2 x TL-WPS510U v5.0, bought some 4 years ago, re-installed for my Windows 10 Laptop and HP F370 and Epson RX585 AIO/USB-printers.

    Another problem is, that I'm not too sure, if the Reset has gone properly, because I can't get connected to the PS's, seen on the Wi-Fi list as WLAN-PS Open, default should be IP, having the Wi-Fi card's IPv4 properties defined for IP and Mask . What may be some other options for these?

    Please, tell me, if there is any advices or hints to get all these installation procedures got done properly?

    Thanks in advance.

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    OK, the case is cleared, great!

    Checked the instructions from the post of member Robs.b, thanks!, doing the installation procedure with the small Resource CD on a Windows 7 machine!, instead of Windows 10, on which it will not work at all!

    The re-installation procedure went smoothly for both PS's, done twice one by one for each PS without connected to the printers.

    The procedure was done from the beginning until the printer was asked, and then I stopped to proceed.

    Then I went on connecting the PS's to the printers, and everything was working all OK, great!

    Have a nice day, and luck on proceeding with this!
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