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    power bank

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    Today's power bank or charger is one of the essential tools for any smartphone owner, especially mobile gamers, marketers and people who spend hours out of the house because today's smartphones are packed with elegance, increased use of apps, and more. There are not a lot of users during the day and the problem of lack of battery charging has become a major and common problem for many people. One out of every three smartphone holders is unhappy with the lack of battery life, according to a report released.

    Maybe you want to get a price or capacity to buy PowerBank, but it's better to know that purchasing PowerBank in the Iranian market, which is packed with counterfeit and non-quality products, requires a few important things to buy from products of high quality and extremely harmful. Avoid smart devices. Here are 6 important tips for buying PowerBank, which is a must-know.

    The quality of the batteries used
    The base of the PowerBank construction is based on the battery, and the batteries used in it determine the quality, performance, and lifetime of the device. The best batteries in the power banks of Samsung and LG. For this reason, high-quality power banks have a higher price than their respective capacities.

    Nominal Capacity and Real Capacity
    In Power Bank, we see two nominal and real capacities like other electronic devices. For example, a Power Bank 16,000 mAh of 16,000 mAh nominal capacity and only 12,000 mAh has a real capacity. It's worth mentioning that part of the battery space is always left empty for longer battery life and no damage.

    The weight and diameter of the power bank will increase depending on the capacity of the battery used; in fact, the higher the capacity goes, the more reasonable the weight of the product will increase. If you are outdoors for hours and you do not have a personal vehicle, it's best to buy lightweight banks of up to 10,000 mA, but if your high weight is not annoying and the heavy vehicle is not a serious problem for you, then do not worry about it. Think of the power banks with a capacity of over 10,000 mA.

    Life of Power Bank and maintenance
    Power Bank is an electronic device with a certain lifespan, and it is not supposed to be used for several years and has its own early performance. Also, how to keep PowerBank is also important to prevent shock and shock. Also, you should not keep Power Bank in very hot and very cold environments, as it destroys battery cells. A power bank, if used properly, has a charge of 10-20,000 times, depending on the quality of the batteries used. It is worth mentioning that it is better to use your Power Bank every few weeks and empty the battery completely and then charge it to prevent damage to the battery cells.وکیل خوب

    after sales service
    A limited number of power banks in the after-sales service market are very good, and you can take a new power bank out of warranty in case of power failure in the Power Bank or other cases. If you have a lot of fear buying this product, be sure to remember the warranty.

    Brand and manufacturer
    Keep in mind that there are many large banks in the Iranian market with high and low prices that are unknown brands. In fact, the power banks of these companies are often not the production of the company, and another company is ordering it to produce these products. It's best not to trust these brands to not regret your shopping. The best brands in PowerBank must mention Xiaomi, Romos, LG, Samsung, RIMEX and Energizer.

    As you know, the mobile phone market in Iran is very diverse and many brands have been attracted to it due to the high profitability of this market. Power Bank has not suffered from this variety and breadth and several hundred brands are officially and informally represented in the Iranian market. If you are considering buying a high-quality power bank and you are sure, it's best to look at the options offered by Giasam.

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    These things are really essential when buying PowerBank I have one and its 20000MAH. I got it on sale and I am so happy that it still works for about a year now.

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    In this year many new power bank are launched but many people didn't know anything about this.

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    good shared

    Thanks for the guide. It is really helpful. The description contents many information and that is good for users.

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    Good Article

    We know that power bank or charger is one of the essential tools for any smartphone owner because peoples spent a lot of time in front of a photo using different apps and mobile games. So that the need for the power bank is increased and this article useful to know about the best power banks available in the market.tv providers

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    good post

    Just finished. good post. Keep it up


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