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    Cool Installing TP LINK / TL-WPS510U on Windows 10 OS (quick work around)

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hope it helps people...

    So I had the same issue.

    I upgraded to 10 Pro along with a few other devices not knowing about the problem.

    As we are all on the wireless network, I used an older OS on an older laptop (windows 7)
    So either install it over a virtual machine or if you have an older laptop (even just to borrow)
    Once you have installed the print server over the network you donít need the win 7 laptop anymore, not even to be on!

    Used the normal installation method (Easy setup)

    Installed the drivers, gave it an IP address (local to your wireless network i.e.192.168.1.x)
    Make sure you don't use an existing ip address or you will have conflicts - to avoid this get an app on your phone called 'fing' it will show all your current network equipment connected to your router.
    So pick an IP that is not being used!

    I then SHARED out the printer with the 'printer name' along with (Network) next to it.

    Print test page

    Job done.

    Easiest way is to borrow a mateís laptop i think!
    Once its installed over the network its done!


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    OK, thanks for your advices, did get my case cleared with these!

    See my post on the other thread by member Wainui.

    Best regards,



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