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    TL-WA850RE connections problems.

    Model : TL-WA850RE

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version : 1.0.0 Build 20170109 Rel. 58858

    ISP : [/COLOR]


    I bought two extenders TL-WA850RE v4.0 for my internet wifi connection, developed by a router TP-Link Archer D2.

    I've read the instruction, I follow every steps of the guide in order to make a succesfull configurations.

    I recalled the SSID of the extenders in Extender_1 and Extender_2.

    My devices recognized the new access points, but i cannot surfing easily, as they cant connect to internet (the symbol is usually the wifi-ratio with a yellow exclamation mark).

    Any suggestion to improve my experience with these devices?


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    have your two extender connect to each other?

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    They are both connected to the router.

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    So ,no one can help me?

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    When you unplug the 2nd Extender, do you still get this problem?

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    The RE led is lit? Reboot your router. Make sure there is no filtering or access control on your router.
    Is the new extender network showing as connected on your devices though no internet? Or it won't connect at all?
    What if you connect a PC wired to the extender?
    Update the firmware if possible

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    @ falcata: yes, unfortunately

    1)yes, i'll try to reboot the router;
    2)precisely: i see the router network, i can connect, but sometimes (most of the time) there is no internet.
    3) Seems that i have no problem with PCs. I have troubles with android and IOs devices.
    4) firmware of the REs is already updated.

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    move the extender closer to your router. contact tplink support to debug if same problem

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    Still here.

    I updated the router at the last firmware version and test the connections for 1 month.

    At the beginning it seems to work: connestion was a bit better (from both the extendeers) but now the situation is desperate again:

    -bad connection (very slow, seems freezed)
    -continuous buffering on youtube and facebook video
    -connection lost during games.

    These problems are happening only with mobile devices (androids and ipad).

    My PC seems to work fine with extenders.


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