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    LB130 Failing to Finish Configuration

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    Been trying to configure the bulb I bought earlier today. Tried resetting it to no avail. Tried 2 different lamps with same result. When I first try to set up the bulb, turn it on and off 3 times, try to connect, and it fails. Try again and it looks for and finds the bulb. Go through the naming and icon choice. Type in my WiFi Password. Only issue I see is that I am using a WiFi extender, but it has a 2.4G network it is piggybacking off of as well as a 5g. It gets to the finalization, the bulb flashes colors, but the installation fails after a time. I have tried to connect to the bulb manually as well, with the same results. Looking for any solution.

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    Sounds familiar to my struggels.
    Did you find a solution. ?
    I've connected two bulps with no problems, but two new bulps wont finnish installation...

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    I think it’s not entirely your fault. As a matter of fact the error in connection could be the result of many factors from defective product to obstructed signal. I would recommend you to try the product in direct line of sight just to make sure if it’s the signal. Trinity Builders Cochin


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