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    How to change email address on kasa account

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    How do I change the email address tied to my kasa account?
    i have it tied to my work email address and want to change it to my personal without reprogramming everything


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    I would like to know this as well. I have decided that since Yahoo recently changed their privacy policy with regards to Yahoo mail I no longer feel secure using them as the email address for my smart home. I need to change this email address A.S.A.P.

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    Why can’t you create a new account instead of changing the email? Usually we sign in using the registered email and changing that email won’t be possible since its how we are registered with the app. Even though it’s hard to setup all devices it’s still the best option. internet providers in my area

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    I probably could create a new account but it would be simpler and more efficient (read less of a pain in my rear) if I could just update my account settings with a new address. I would think this ability would need to be included by default, it has been for all of my other smart devices...

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    Click let top mene on the kasa app, then you will see View Account. Click on View Account, then you will see Sign out from KasaClick on Sign out from Kasa, then you will see Log in or Creat Account. Since you change the cloud account, you need to reset all the smart devices.

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    Enough already...

    I get it I can create a new account as a workaround to the stupid issue that Kasa never considered some one may want to change their email address for any of a hundred good reasons I can think of. So no need to suggest creating a new account... ...again. The thing is I really do t want to have to reset all of my devices which include smart in wall switches which I will probably have to pull out of the wall to reset. But because of Kasa’s complete lack of fireside I probably will have to create a new account.So much for me ever buying a toilet paper link product again.

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    stevejohny wasn't trying to help, he was just posting spam and trying to hide it by copy/pasting from other parts of this thread...I haven't tried it myself (I only use the kasa app for firmware updates) but I suspect that if you sign out of the Kasa app and sign back in using a new email with your phone/tablet connected to *the same part* of your network (band and SSID) as your TP Link devices I suspect it will discover them and add them to your new account. You could probably sign back in with your old account to remove them if necessary.

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    Seems flying snow provides valuable information.
    Kasa devices are binded with cloud account. If we change the cloud account, we have to reconfigure the devices.
    I can accept this though it's a bit tricky.

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    Nice of you to confirm this Kevin, it makes sense an email id is used to reference the account in the TP Link cloud. But too bad you didn't bother removing stevejohny, christeena, and helloing from the community while you were here. They're not trying to help, they're posting spam links.

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    Well, I just registered my account using Yahoo mail. Now after reading this post i am afraid of changing my email address in the future as well.
    Never Say Never <3

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    Do you have any idea about changing the email address on the Kasa account? I failed to get it answer and hope that experts will soon update their views about updating the email address. I am expecting it from here as early as possible.loose diamonds

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    good one ..

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    would like to know more


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