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I wonder if anyone can help - weve just bought the 20100mah power bank at our local bestbuy (saskatchewan, canada) but when we go online and search our local TP-LINK site or even search on reviews, it comes up with little to nothing for the canadian market.

there are a few Russian / Uk reviews and thats about it. All the other power banks seem to have canadian or north american reviews but not their 20100mah model.

Stranger yet, the device we purchased seems to be a mix of 2 languages - on the front of the device itself, the 2 usb ports are labeled "smart" and the smaller micro usb port in between the two is labeled "entree" (french??) ... when it should be labeled as "in".

I dont doubt the device we purchased is fine but its almost as if the bestbuy in our area received the wrong shippment.

Has any one else noticed this?