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    Guest network problem (still...)

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    Hi TP-Link, please give me an advice….

    I have just upgrade my Deco M5 to firmware 1.1.6 Built 20171103 Rel. 47257, and I´m a little bit disappointed……

    My expectation of this upgrade was that my problem with my Guest-network should be solved.

    The background is that I earlier have an e-mail conversation [#349028] with your Support-staff about a problem I have…
    The problem is that I have one “satellite-unit” attached with a wired Ethernet backhaul, and this particular unit don´t support the Guest-network.

    a) The Main-network in the “satellite-unit” works excellent, but not the Guest-network.
    b) The Main Deco-unit (the router) and the unit with WiFi backhaul works fine when I connect the Guest-network via these units.

    The Support-staff indicated to me that this issue was escalated to the TP-link engineers, and should be solved with the next upgrade…

    But I still have this problem!

    Please TP-link, tell me when this issue can be solved….

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    Maybe they still need time, and I think it's fine to use wifi backhaul

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    The Deco M5 apparently does NOT support guest network when Ethernet backhaul is enabled! What an incredible shocker! If I knew that when I decided to buy a Mesh network, I would have chosen another brand! This information is not obtainable in the user manuals, something TP-Link need to fix immediately!Here is the reply from customer service:«Dear Customer,Thank you very much for your email requesting information about our product.I'm really sorry to tell you that guest network of tplink deco won't work if you connect them with Ethernet backhaul . Only wireless connection between all of the devices will make guest network to work properly~ We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused!>Hi, guest network is not working. I have 6 units connected with Ethernet backhaul through a Tp-link 8 port switch.»

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    Actually, Guest network still works with Ethernet backhaul, only coverage of Guest network is somehow shorter compare to primary network.

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    Same issue here. No, it's not shorter coverage. It's not broadcasted by satellite units with ethernet backhaul. Yoh can easily check with a simple app like wifi analyzer. Waiting for fix this issue asap. Thank you :-)

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    Junior Member cocapic is on a distinguished road
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    May 2018

    fixed ?

    Hi folks,

    did someone know if the problem is now fixed ?

    im looking to buy it, but need the guest network for iot purpose


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    Hi, still no fix!!Can tp-link confirm this will be solved with the update end july/begin august?Otherwise i spend a lot €€€€ for a decent network and no guestnetwork ( only at the 1st unit)This was for me the main reason to buy deco m5? Will tp-link refund the money if its not gonna work???Pls answer tp-link!!

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    It seems they are working on this and I get a reply that it will be supported with the update in August.
    Hope this won't be delayed.

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    Thumbs up I have give up...

    This problem is known as a problem over a year , but no solution in sight.....

    My patience of TP-link is over.....

    I have instead switch system to Asus Lyra Mini, - here is no problem.......

    a former TP-link customer


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    Hi all, still waiting for the update wich should came out end july/start august to fix at least the guest-network. I really need the guest-network!!! Tp-link?? Any info please!!!Kind regard, AdriaanIf its not gonna work then please be honest so i send the deco-set back and switch over to another brand where the set does work as told.

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    Does the New-firmware-1.2.3-20180819-Rel.-68100 fix this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adriaan_ View Post
    Does the New-firmware-1.2.3-20180819-Rel.-68100 fix this problem?
    No, it doesn't.
    I give up, I will contact TP-Link Italy for full refund.

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    I will update now, if you are right that this problem isn’t fix, i will give up as well and contact TP-Link Netherlands for also a full refund.Please Paolo inform me about the respons of TPLink Italy.Adriaan

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    So, i did update and as Paolo noticed, still no fix for the guest-network by ethernet backhaul. Contacted the reseller where i did buy’d it, explane it all to them and they take the deco M5 in return (after 5 months of use) and give me a full refund.Now i have the asus lyra trio, works fine and yes, the so needed guest-network is working, also with ethernet backhaul.Kind regards,Adriaan

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    This is so disappointing. Taking advantage of Ethernet backhaul thanks to an Ethernet wired home, and now I can't have a guest network????!!!! This was one of the criteria of switching from my wired w/ WAP's network to the Deco M9! This is an idiotic situation! Please, TP-Link, you MUST find a fix for this!!!!


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