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    Nc450 web view error

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I upgraded my nc450 to firmware to 1.3.3 build 170906 rel. F31B04

    every since then I am unable to view camera from my computer when logging into my cloud account online.
    and selecting live view with chrome.
    I get this error.


    I know its online as I can access from phone.
    i CAN CONNECT DIRECTLY TO it with same computers when home.

    I did not have that problem before upgrading.

    I tried different computers and locations . win7 / win10
    Tried IE/chrome / edge
    firewall off

    Restarted Camera
    Checked settings

    My phone app works ok.

    Any suggestions on getting this to work again from my browser on a pc

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    Junior Member livingroomcamera97 is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2017
    Hi, I encountered the same issue when the firmware was upgraded recently. It can be viewed using the mobile phone, however, the laptop/PC web cannot be accessed. Error message the same as you, ie NO INTERNET CONNECTION AVAILABLE. PLEASE CHECK YOU NETWORK..... I check my netweek, it is working fine and I can use the network to access other sites and function using the Internet...

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    seems to be working now

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    Hi all

    I also have this problem, it stopped to work several weeks ago.
    The app works fine.
    I have resetted all settings and deleted the cam and did a fresh install again, no difference.
    Internet is working fine since I can reply to this thread
    Name:  screenshot.11.jpg
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    Same thing if I try with chrome/ID/edge with my android and a second computer.

    NC450 2.0

    Firmware: 1.3.3 Build 170906 Rel. F31B04

    Anybody that knows what is going on??
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    Hi Rudolf, you may try to enable Adobe Flash on browsers .

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    Hi Shield101
    Nope, does not work now either.

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    Are you able to see the camera via 4G data on your phone?
    It seems to be internet connection issue.

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    Hi awb,
    how does it work again?
    Did you change some settings?

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    no setting it started working. sometimes it still gives the error .

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    The app always works in my phone and internet on my computers too. Just not the connection to the cam.

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    You can disable firewall and open DMZ for the camera to have a try.
    And test the cloud website on the computer which is connected to other wifi.

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    If you get an error in Internet Not Connected, I think the problem is in your ISP. Try to check your ISP for error. If the error still occurs, try to change it. The error usually can be found when your internet is slow.

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    So still does not work via : https://www.tplinkcloud.com
    I have 109/105 Mbit/s (5 ms ping) according to speedtest.net and everything else is working fine via my ISP.
    The app always works so that have to do.

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    Junior Member yolandarx69 is on a distinguished road
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