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    NC450 Does not connect via wireless and message "Connection settings failed to update"

    Model : NC450

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version : 1.2.4 Build 170322 Rel.85B2CB

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Just bought an NC450. Set it up over wifi via WDS and light turn green.

    Downloaded the apps but no cams found.

    Connect via wire and access the web config page stated wireless is connected.

    Unplug the lan cable, light stays green but offline to the apps and is not connected.

    The apps mention it is connected to specified wifi and signal strength but no image

    Isolated incident or anyone else is having this issue?

    Please help
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    Every time the message on the system log shows "receive wlan connected mesaage, type is -1"

    the cam light turn green but you cant connect to it.

    but if the message turn "type is 1"

    then all is ok.

    I connect to a regular wireless N router and all is good

    the trouble started when i try to connect to wireless AC router.

    It connected to AC router but wont ping, wont connect, shows as offline in the app. Weird.

    Wireless AC router is also TPLINK brand archer C5 AC1200 with 3 antenna and 1 usb port model

    I try to disable 5GHZ on the AC router still doesnt help. The camera light turn green but cant ping, nothing.

    Check the NC450 specs, its BGN. Does it mean it cant connect to wifi with 5GHZ wifi AC router?

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    My fault.... (obviously)

    made the amateur mistake of making the 2.4G and 5G wifi with the same SSID name.

    All good works great

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    I also faced the similar problem but it automatically got resolved.
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    issue while restoring

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    this is by far one of the worst IP camera that I've bought, keep on disconnecting and there's no way to get constant connection via wifi even I've used the TP-Link high power router with the power output set to 100%, still no luck, and with the latest software upgrade, it goes almost permanent offline, of all the online forum that I've browse through, doesn't seems to have a fix...very annoying, considering the fact that this is a high-end model of their camera, the quality shouldn't be like this...if, anyone has a solution, please enlighten me.

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    Most of the time this error cause of security and network issue, to secure your wifi network could help you get rid of this issue according to my experience.

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    Same Problem Here

    I am also facing the same problem but It was automatically got resolve when I configure my Router. I recommend you to check router's guides to solve the issue.

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