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    TL WN722N V2 Problem

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    Since i had so many problems with the WN851ND Adapter, i ordered this one and it turns out to be the much better solution.

    The only problem i have is that under "heavy" network traffic, while downloading big files it seems that all USB-Ports are disconnection every 5-10 Minutes and then reconnect again. After some time, this could get really annoying.

    Does somebody have/had the same problem?

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    Nope, but if you download the same file on another device through same wifi, will it disconnect as well?
    Put the PC closer to the router and get better signal, and see if you have same issue.

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    No, its just with this Antenna, never happened before or with another device

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    How about changing WiFi channel on your router or set bandwidth control function to ensure fair bandwidth for that computer?

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    Did both, no change.. Really begins to annoy me extremely
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    suggest to test this adapter on any other PC to see what happen

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    I have the same issue and I can't find the solution >.<

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    How about use the driver from the realtek

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    I think I solved my problem going on BIOS and disabling onboard lan controller... 3 days of no disconnections


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