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    Reboot main unit needed every 2-3 days to recover internet connection

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    My setup:
    - Cable Modem -> Ethernet cable -> Main Unit
    - Main Unit -> Ethernet cable -> Deco "satellite1"
    - Main Unit -> WiFi Connection -> Deco "satellite2"

    All units run on firmware 1.1.5 (also had the same issue on 1.1.3)
    Location: Europe (Netherlands)

    Every 2-3 days the main unit goes "offline", when I disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it, everything works fine again.
    Any ideas how I can fix this ?

    2 possible causes:
    1) Ethernet "backhaul" ?
    2) Maybe there is a small hickup in the internet connection, and the main unit doesn't auto recover from that short hickup ?

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    Souds strange, probably something went wrong with your ISP link.
    Dont think is Ethernet backhaul related, after all, it is the main Deco who's failing.
    I used to have an similar issue but with one of the satellites with the 1.1.3 firmware, ever since upgrade to 1.1.5 mine has been working like a breeze.
    I did read from somewhere that swapping the main with one of the satellites would help, you may give it a shot.

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    I believe this could work, but I am curious why this could work?
    This since I assume all 3 units are 100% identical or not ?

    Or does changing a "satellite" to a main unit, change something in the IP settings or some other setting that could help fixing it?

    Anyhow: next time I have problemens I will try this


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