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    Angry Unacceptable slow speed since 1.1.15 20170820 update

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    Besides some small issues with the previous build I was quite happy with the performance. Just updated to the 20170820 build and man oh man.. what a shame.. wifi network speed is now terribly unacceptable slow. Please pull back this build and give me back what I paid for !!!!

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    Are your deco units working as router and repeater, or AP mode? Beside the update, did you change any setting on the deco? Have you ever reboot the deco and your router or modem? If you could, connect a pc to your main router/modem and run a speed test, then connect the deco back and test the speed again.

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    I'm also experiencing slower than usual speeds. It seems no matter which device or where I'm located in my home, I cannot get better than 3mbps down. Very frustrating when speeds are inconsistent between firmware releases. Seems like this should not be an issue for a product so expensive. I didn't ask to be a part of the beta test on new firmware but maybe that would be a good idea since that's what I seem to be doing. Styan

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    3mbps is quite slow!! How many you were getting with the previous version of firmware? It is a speedtest result on the actaul connected clients or the test result on the deco app? If AP mode and router mode of the deco system make any difference?

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    That was speed test results. Similar download speeds are being seen as well. My monthly report is showing 86.3 Mbps. I have a speed test result that was 201mbps on August 17th.

    The system is in router mode. I haven't tried AP mode.

    Modem --> RouterDeco ---> Switch(1)
    Connected to Switch (1): NAS, VoIP ATA, Switch(2)
    Connected to Switch(2): BlueRay, AppleTV 3, XBOX, HP Server, HP Server iLO, Another NAS, Switch(3)
    Connected to Switch(3): 2 PCs, Deco(2)Wireless: 2 phones, 2 tablets, 2 laptops, Apple TV 4.

    All switches are unmanaged.

    I have a support ticket open with TP Link, and we are working through troubleshooting steps now. I'll keep the thread updated with results.

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    Thanks for sharing, Styan. And waiting for the upfates.

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    I was about to reset the system, and gathering information for the support group last night, but speed tests were all coming back positively. So we've ceased investigation on the issue.

    Speeds have returned to normal appx. > 190mbps down and 15mbps up. My advertised plan is 150 down and 15 up. Not really sure what happened on the weekend.



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