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    Same old problem - AP mode not working after update

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    I updated all my deco units to latest firmware and changes working mode to AP mode.For first t seconds, the deco app displayed all three units working fine but two satellite units started having "some deco units are having problems" mark on them. The two satellite units are green though.There is no way to check if it's just app that's displaying a faulty diagnosis.Does anyone have same problem?Anyone knows fix for this...?I have had my deco units for a month and office report's returning window is....closed for me.I gotta make the most out of these deco...

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    Sometimes when the Deco shows wrong in the app, it will come back after I refresh the dashboard.

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    Can you share a screenshot of the error mark? If the LED is green, internet should be working. Can you still connect your computer to the deco unit and access internet? If it's just the app that's displaying the diagnosis, please check the app version. Would a reboot of the unit erase the error mark?


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