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    AC1750 EAP245 needing comnpatible 8 port switch with POE

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    Hi I am trying to find a suitable 8 port switch to provide POE to my AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP245 but all the devices I can find are IEEE 802.3af not IEEE 802.3at as stated on the spec of the access point. My question is do I need IEEE 802.3at or will IEEE 802.3af work just as well to power the device as I am only using it to extend the wifi upstairs at home as the BB router/modem from Virgin is shocking and don't really want to install a totally over the top 24 port rack mounted switch?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The EAP245 consumes max 12.7 watts. Max. power for 802.3af is about 12.5 to 12.96 watts depending on the cable length. Therefore you should better use 802.3at, although it could probably work with 802.3af over a short cable, too. I would recommend http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/d...-SG1008PE.html, which is an eight-port PoE+ switch. This way you have a reserve for a second EAP or any other device which supports PoE.

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    Just realized the EAP245 isn't compatible with the TL-SG108PE I intended on purchasing.
    The TL-SG1008PE could indeed be a solution, but this is unfortunately at a completely different price point (more than twice the price)...
    Not seeing a PoE+ injector from TP-Link out there :-/
    Do you reckon D-Link's DPE-301GI could do the trick, or am I risking some other incompatibilty issue ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windar View Post
    Do you reckon D-Link's DPE-301GI could do the trick, or am I risking some other incompatibilty issue ?
    Any 802.3at switch would fit. Just make sure that the total power capacity supplied by the switch matches the power requirements of 8x EAP245, e.g. 8x 12.7W = 101.6W requires a switch with a total PoE power capacity of at least 112W to 118W (allow for 10%-15% reserve).

    As for the D-Link switch check its data sheet. Note that even if the PoE+ switch supports PoE on all ports, it might allow only for some ports to be used at full power capacity until total power capacity of the switch is reached. For example: although each port has up to 30W power capacity on the PoE+ switch TL-SG1008PE, total power capacity is 124W for all devices connected to it, not 8x 30W = 240W.
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