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    Best use of two CPE ??

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    I do have two CPE and my intention is to of course to extend my network. Situation looks as follows:
    In one end I have a fiberoptic modem and I want to connect one CPE to this modem.
    In the other end I want to use the other CPE and connect that one to a switch.

    The reason for this set up is that we do have IPTV that can't run via the router, I need to pass on the
    same range of IP-addresses that are coming out of the modem and these addresses do change from
    time to time.

    How do I configure my CPE's to have the TPport on the second CPE looking the same as the TPport
    on my fiberoptic modem???

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    How far is it between the two ends? Is your IPTV located in a different buildings from your fiber optical modem? You mentioned we do have IPTV that can't run via the router. I guess the IPTV must work with a public IP address. That's to say, your IPTV can't work with a DHCP server AP or router? Try to configure the CPE connected to your modem as AP mode and the second CPE as Client mode which should be connected to your IPTV via Ethernet cable. Disable DHCP server on both devices.

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    The distance between the two houses is about 600 meters.
    The IPTV and the modem are in different buildings.
    Yes, it looks as if the IPTV wants a public IP.

    Will try your setup when I get back home.

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    How about now? Does it work?

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    Did configure the first one (the one connected to the modem) as AP Router with dynamic IP
    Did configure the next one as AP Client Router with dynamic IP

    The second one does find the first one but it looks as if I do not get any Internet connection.
    Problem also to get into the WEB-interface as I do not know the IP-address of the CPE.


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