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    Macbook Pro Retina not connecting on AC speed only N

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    Using DECO M5 with the latest 1.5 firmware. Before this also had the issue that my Macbook Pro, which really is AC 5Ghz capable only connects on 5GHZ 300N speed.

    I am practically next to the router so distance is not an issue.

    Also priotised the MBP as an urgent device.

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    Can you check the link speed on your Mac to verify? Go to Network Utility, then hit the Return key to launch the app. go to Info to check link speed.The Mac will automatically connects to 2.4G wifi if 5G signal is not good enough, or deco uses 5G to maintain connection with other deco.

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    Yes I checked the speed, it's like said 300MBps on 5 GHz.Like said, I am next to the router and the deco's are connected trough Ethernet.

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    My 2 suggestions:

    1) on the macbook, do "forget network" and reconnect and see if that helps.
    2) on my windows laptop, in the wifi driver settings, I can select "prefer 5 GHz" and I can also choose "only 5 GHz", don't know however if that is possible on a macbook


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