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    Controlling EAP110 from a distant point

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    Bonjour !
    I have installed an EAP110 in a place that I rent which is 30 km from me. Is there an option so I will be able to check it via Internet ?
    Thank you for you hell

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    Hi, Although there are some methods teaching how to manage EAPs at different sites across Internet, i don't think they will be an appropriate way if you only have one EAP.

    If you are interested in it, please read the following documents.

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    Hi Henry,

    If you want to login EAP's web page from other place. You can:

    1. Fix the EAP's IP and default gateway. If the gateway in your EAP's network is, you can set your EAP's IP as and the default gateway is

    2. Do some port forwarding configuration. For example, if you set your EAP's IP is
    You need to do the NAT port forwarding configuration on the gateway router, and let in the request with target IP, the target port is 80.

    3. Then when you want to visit the EAP. You just need to open a web browser, and type in the WAN IP(public IP) of your gateway router and port 80.
    For example, if your gateway router's WAN IP is, you just need to type in

    Hope it is helpful for you


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