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Thread: Tl-sg3424p

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    I have a TL-SG3424P and I need to configure vlans on it. I have 4 set up, but I cannot get 3 of them to access the 4th. not sure what I am doing wrong.

    I have Port 1-2 on vlan 110
    I have Port 3-4 on vlan 117
    I have Ports 5-22 on vlan 100
    I have Ports 23-24 on vlan 1 - WAN

    if I set all ports to PVID 1 then they can all communicate with the WAN. once I change the PVID on any of the ports they quit communicating with the WAN vlan. I need all 3 vlans to communicate with the WAN vlan, but not to communicate with each other. I am new to switch programming and I cant get the interconnects to work for some reason. what am I missing or do I have programmed wrong?


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    Inter-VLAN routing requires a router or a layer-3 switch. The TL3424P is a layer-2-switch, so you have to add routes from VLANs 100, 110 and 117 to VLAN 1 on your router the switch is connected to.


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