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    Question Can't Set Remote Control for LB100

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    I've had the LB100 since 2/2017. It has worked fine until this past month. It stopped turning on as scheduled. Then the schedules disappeared from the Kasa app. Couldn't schedule anymore. First, I deleted the LB100 from app and then added it back on. Still wouldn't work. Finally, uninstalled and reinstalled the Kasa app. Added the LB100 to devices again. Now I can schedule again. But it still won't let me set the the remote control. Message: failed: cloud send cmd failed. I use a TP-Link Smart Plug 565C and the remote control is on.

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    Go to firmware update on Kasa to check if your bulb can be upgraded.

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    I already checked for a firmware update and there was none. I had the latest version. But thanks for the suggestion.

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    Make sure you use the latest app. And probably need to reset the smart bulb and add it again.


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