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    Question Captive portal on eap110 or walled garden portal

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    Can someone help me?
    How can i build my own walled garden captive portal and use it on a normal server on a domain is it possible?
    How can i build my own captive portal and use it with a domain or what else.. how to build or simply make a captive portal with no authentication, just read the terms of use and log it in and thats it. How? can someone help me?

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    Hi Prubi,

    Is it EAP110 or EAP110-outdoor? I guess it is EAP110-Outdoor. How many EAP110-Outdoor do you have? If you have only one, you need to configure it via its Web UI.
    So please directly read page 28 to page 36 of this document. http://static.tp-link.com/1910012212_EAP_UG.pdf

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    If you manage the EAP in standalone mode via its webpage, it supports three captive portal: No Authentication、Simple password and External Radius Server;
    While if you manage the EAP via EAP controller, it supports five captive portal: No Authentication、Simple password、External Radius Server、hotspot and external portal server;

    If you want to build or simply make a captive portal with no authentication, just read the terms of use and log it in, you can just choose 'No Authentication' mode.
    You can use this portal in both standalone mode and EAP controller, It's not hard for configuration and you just need to enable it via webpage or EAP controller, you can modify its portal page and don't need to use a server with a domain.

    Refer to FAQ http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-896.html, if you use EAP controller for management.

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    Selecting just an authentication scheme for the Captive Portal on an EAP does not make your network a »walled garden«. It's only half the work.

    The other half is to build an isolated guest subnet on top of your your private network and separate the EAP in this guest network, since otherwise you don't have a »walled garden«, but a »public wide open garden«, which grants hotspot guests full access to your devices in your private network after login. If this access mode is intentional, you don't need no Captive Portal at all, b/c a simple WPA2 key would do it, too.


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