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    110 bulb device registration fails for unknown reason

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    I have 2 110 bulbs, both of which were easily configured and working fine until one day both were no longer working - they would light manually, and show up but not respond in Kasa. After much
    reconfiguration one of the bulbs now works fine, but I can't get the second bulb to work. It doesn't show up in Kasa, and when I use Kasa to register it registration fails. If I use the auto registration process in Kasa
    Kasa does into "Working for you light bulb", it seems to find the bulb because ut eventually goes to the screen to enter the "Device name", but when I press the Next button on the "Device name" (after entering a name) it shows the "Saving..." busy note for
    a few seconds, then bounces back to the "Device name" screen but with "Failed" briefly added to the screen.

    If I use the manual configuration option in Kasa when I look at my cell-phone's wifi settings it shows "TP-LINK_Smart Bulb_BB20 Connected, no Internet"

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    Did you hard reset the bulb? Make sure you are using the latest version of Kasa. And since it stuck at "Device name" screen, maybe the device name you set is too complicated?


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