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    Problème with new range extender WA855RE

    Model : wdr4900 + wa855re

    Hardware Version : wa855re V1

    Firmware Version : wa855re the last

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have a router WDR4900
    Before I had a wa850re repeater, in extender mode 2, after 3.5 years it returned the soul.
    So I bought a new wa855re repeater (it's a V1):
    The mac address specified on the product and in the parameters (98-DE-D0-73-C5-97) is different than the one indicated by my router (9E-DE-D0-73-C5-97)
    For mac filtering it's a small problem
    But that I indicate one or the other impossible to access the internet when connected with the wifi of the repeater, no problem with the wifi of the router
    It only retrieves a valid IP address from the IP ( indicated by the router (9E-DE-D0-73-C5-97)
    With the mac address indicated on the product (98-DE-D0-73-C5-97) it takes the IP address
    Where is the problem between the WA855re and my WDR4900?
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    Apparently it does not like the IP address in 192.168.1.x
    It is now in
    When i switch dhcp auto to on, by default the ip range is to 199
    If I change it to have to 199 it tells me an error

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    The LAN IP address of the extender is, you need to change it before changing the range. What's the light status on the extender? If there is no internet from it, the mac address or Ip address is not a big deal. You need to check whether it's configured successfully. Did you push the RE button on extender and WPS button on your router? Or you login to set it up?

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    Real problem

    Real problem
    I re-tested today:
    I paired my router with the wa855 with WPS
    Change the name of the extended network (To be sure to be connected on the extended network)
    Connected my tablet to the extended network (it works perfectly on my main network)
    1 my tablet does not have internet access on the extended network
    2 If I want to enable the wa855 dhcp, I get an error
    3 all time i have green led on wa855

    For info, on my router i have mac filter, dhcp adress reservation and ip mac binding enable

    Watch screenshots

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    wa850 alive

    I took the opportunity to open my wa850 out of order:
    The problem comes from the power supply, I made a fortage repair, and set it back on its way.
    It works again and the internet access also works without problems

    Configuration :
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    I performed a new test by disabling mac filteing and ip mac binding on the router
    The result is the same: I really think of a bug if the router is in address 192.168.1.X and not in 192.168.0.X

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    If you want to setup mac filtering, you may need to find out the mac address of the extender. http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-927.html

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    I went out my old router wr741nd to do test.
    I used the default config first: the repeater works
    I activated on the router the mac filtering : the problems begin
    watch screenshots:
    the repeater modifies the mac addresses, which causes problems with the router that does not know these new mac addresses

    have you a solution ?

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